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About Us

The Church Street Choral Academy brings students from a variety of backgrounds together for tutoring, leadership training, mentoring, and music training. Our students receive high quality music lessons and academic support; our volunteers and host location get the opportunity to invite other communities to become a part of our family.

There is nothing like this in Greenville. The Church Street Choral Academy believes in the power of changing lives through music.


Our music education program includes:

  • Professional Choral training – In two weekday rehearsals, choristers receive classical singing instruction, learn how to read music, and perform a variety of choral music that spans five centuries, and study English, Latin, French, and German diction.

  • Piano instruction – Once a week, students receive a free 30 minute lesson. If a student does not have a piano at home, the Choral Academy provides a digital piano for their use. This instruction gets an instrument in the hands of children and helps to enhance their abstract reasoning skills.

  • Music theory lessons – Following a structured curriculum, students are instructed in age appropriate music theory which reinforces the lessons many are learning in their school music classroom.

  • Travel – Choral scholars are invited to travel with the Choral Academy on local, regional, national, and international tours. All touring costs are generally covered by the Church Street Choral Academy.

  • Art Experiences – Students are offered free opportunities to attend many arts events in Greenville and beyond including musical concerts, theatrical performances, and visual arts offerings.

  • Summer Camp – Each summer, the Choral Academy holds a summer choir camp that includes opportunities for music, art, athletics, and lots of fun.

Engaged shiloh.jpg
Engaged shiloh.jpg

Participation for all students in the program is free.


How is the choir structured?

At this time, all students, boys and girls, sing in one choir and participate in rehearsals, lessons, and other activities in small groups. As choral scholars age, they will be invited to participate in other choirs as a part of the CSCA.

What is the cost to participate?

There is no cost to the student or family to participate in the program. Program costs are generously covered by donations from individuals, grants, and fundraising events.

What student should audition?

Students in grades 3 through 5 are invited to audition. We believe every child can make music, so students do not need to have prior choir or instrumental experience.

What does a rehearsal day look like?

Our program begins at 3:45pm on Mondays and Wednesdays. During the week, students will receive:

  • 1 hour of homework and tutoring time each day

  • 30 minute class piano lesson

  • 30 minute music theory and group voice lesson

  • Snack and Dinner each day

  • 1 hour rehearsal each day

When are performances?

The choir sings one time each month during the school year at our host location, Christ Church Episcopal. Typically, this is at a 5:00pm evening service. Other performances occur throughout the school year.

My child likes music, but I'm not sure they could sing in a choir.

We evaluate interested students on their potential, not on present skill or technique. It takes time for every chorister to become a choral scholar.  We encourage everyone to at least ‘come and see.’

My child participates in their school choir, sports, or other activities. Can they still participate in the choir?

Absolutely! We distribute our schedule, which includes performances and special events, at the beginning of the rehearsal year. Keep the rehearsal schedule in mind as you are planning other activities – attendance is expected at all rehearsals and performances except for illness, etc. We ask that as soon as you are aware of unavoidable conflicts that you let us know.

Ready to join us?

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